What is Mixed Media?- Beginners Mixed Media

Hi Everyone,

I created a video last week and I forgot to share it over here on my blog. The video is about Mixed Media, specifically about What is Mixed Media?

This video is part of the Beginner Mixed Media series as I really wanted to focus on helping those who are just beginning their Mixed Media Journey. However I believe that we can all learn even from beginner ideas. I find I learn something every single time I create or I see someone else create.

Here is the video below:

You can also watch a video about the most common tools for mixed media and here is the first video I created in this series which is All about Gesso. You can also check my blog HERE for printable information I covered on the “All about Gesso” video. For a quick printable reference about gel medium visit my first post or watch the video “All About Gel Medium part 1”  or  All about Gel medium part 2.

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